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We accompany you on all Corporate finance subject related to your projects, including:

M&A - Divestments - Acquisitions

Carve Our or transfer / Spin off for European or international strategic buyers

We assist shareholders and executives, with a high degree of confidentiality and very discrete process, throughout the transfer process, including the assesment of output options, identification and contact with targets, the preparation of presentation documentation, coaching of managers, support (SPA, TSA,...) until the final signature and deal closed.




Our two specialties are:


- Strategic affiliation to an industrial or financial owner ( we have developped a specific dual sale process)


- Transfer or disposal of SMEs (familly owned or participation of investment funds), particularly to industrial, technological and/or international buyers.



Leveraged Transmission Operation





We accompany shareholders or the management team to analyze, prepare and optimize the MBO / LBO on financial, strategic, legal support (including shareholder agreement and management package), choice of the selected investors and negociation with all parties. 


The extent of our industrial and financial networks enables parallel connection to bring out the optimum solution both from the transaction point of view and the anticipated value creation.



Ask for our specific PDF documentation

Transfer or Carve Out

Benefit from our

MBO / LBO references

You want to know acquisition

opportunities in your business sector?

Once the definition of selection's acquisition targets criteria is realized, INCAPTECH support you step by step in the identification of European and international targets, then we notably include:


- Collecting information and an initial assessment of selected targets,

- A confidential approach of targets,

- All meetings and organization of exchange with the target,

- Analysis (financial, strategic, business), valuation and risk assessment,allowing you if so decided to draft with our support     so that in the event you decide to an acquisition offer.




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